Firefighters in action in Palermo, battling fires and dangers at Sperone and Falsomiele.

On the feast day of Saint Joseph, the emergency of fires continues in Palermo. After the wood piles were set on fire inside the soccer field located in Borgo Vecchio, which had been renovated only a few days ago, other fires were ignited in various neighborhoods. Once again, the massive intervention of the firefighters was necessary in Via Tiro a Segno, near the eco-monstrosity, where law enforcement forces arrived to prevent the disorders registered yesterday. Fires also broke out in Via Luigi Galvani in Sperone and in Via Albiri, in the Falsomiele neighborhood. Furthermore, flames were also seen in Via Sant’Anna al Capo. A real emergency that in the past few hours has caused the injury of three officers, who intervened together with their colleagues to limit the damage of the fires in Albergheria, Kalsa, Sant’Erasmo, and near the Civico hospital. In Brancaccio, a stolen car was also set on fire, streets were blocked with some bins, and the entrance to a municipal police vehicle was prevented, then pelted with stones.

Palermo, vampe e pericoli anche allo Sperone e a Falsomiele: vigili del fuoco in azione

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