Filming of “Viola come il mare-2” begins in Palermo, road closures and restrictions

Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi, the stars of the hit TV series “Viola come il mare”, have returned to Sicily for the new season. Yaman, a Turkish actor, arrived in Palermo to a warm welcome from fans, who took selfies and photos with him at the airport. Yaman has expressed his love for the island and how he feels at home there. Chillemi, who plays a journalist with synesthesia named Viola Vitale, had previously announced that the series would have a sequel. The filming of the new season has started in Rome and various parts of Palermo will be closed off for filming. The temporary traffic restrictions will be in effect from October 15 to November 11.

Palermo, ciak si gira: partono le riprese di Viola come il mare-2, strade chiuse e divieti

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