‘Film of Muccino being shot in Palermo: plot, cast and new ordinance with restrictions’

Director Gabriele Muccino has arrived in Palermo to shoot his new film “Here now,” which is set in various areas of the city, from the seaside district of Mondello to the Foro Italico. The film tells the story of Sophie, a tourist on vacation in Sicily, who meets three young locals on the beach and is promised to be shown the real Palermo. However, they have a secret and unintentionally involve her in a robbery. The film has a budget of around 11 million euros. The city of Palermo has issued a new ordinance regulating parking and traffic during the filming, affecting several neighborhoods. The ordinance includes parking bans and vehicle transit restrictions in various streets and squares from October 5th to November 2nd. These measures aim to accommodate the film production team and ensure smooth shooting.

«Here now», a Palermo si gira il film di Muccino: la trama e il cast, nuova ordinanza con divieti

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