Farmers protest in Palermo, march in city center: “Document ready, now need help from institutions”

Explanation of the article:

The article talks about a protest in Palermo by Sicilian farmers, breeders, and fishermen. The protest, organized by a coalition of agricultural workers, has gathered demands from all sectors of the industry, including fair prices for products, increased quality control, and measures to combat viral diseases in livestock. The group is calling for a permanent regional technical committee to address these issues. A delegation will present these demands to the regional government, with the goal of engaging consumers and raising awareness about the importance of the agricultural sector in Sicily. The organizers emphasize the role of agriculture in the Sicilian economy and the need for urgent intervention to support local businesses and ensure public health through the production of high-quality, genuine products. They urge all Sicilians to join their cause.

La protesta degli agricoltori a Palermo, corteo per le vie del centro: «Pronto un documento, ora serve l’aiuto delle istituzioni»

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