Fake physiatrist sentenced to two years in prison in Agrigento

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Fraud and abusive exercise of the profession. The single judge of the Court of Agrigento, Katia La Barbera, sentenced Abdellah Azerby, a fake physiotherapist of fifty-four years, to two years of imprisonment for practicing without a valid title or authorization until 2018 in Raffadali. He would visit patients, prescribe therapies, and administer treatments without having the necessary qualifications. He was also fined twenty-seven thousand euros. However, the secretary Crocifissa Maria Daniela Macaluso, 55 years old from Agrigento, was acquitted of the accusation of procuring clients. The fake physiotherapist reportedly generated about fifty thousand euros in illegal business during his years of activity, operating a medical practice in Raffadali. The clinic and all equipment used for manipulations and electrostimulations were seized.

Agrigento, condannato a due anni di reclusione il falso fisiatra che aveva lo studio a Raffadali

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