Drug operation in Siracusa: one arrest and one charge.

In a drug operation in the drug dealing squares of Siracusa, police, carabinieri and financial police seized 182 grams of cocaine and crack divided into 1,830 doses, 44 grams of marijuana divided into 44 doses, 19 grams of methamphetamines for a total of 190 doses, 175 grams of hashish for 875 doses and 2.84 grams of opiates. A 35-year-old man was arrested on charges of possession for the purpose of drug trafficking and possession of an illegal weapon; a 48-year-old woman was reported for the same offense. The man had seized a revolver with a scratched serial number and related ammunition caliber 38 and a video surveillance system used by the pusher to monitor the area of drug dealing. In total, 117 people were identified, 25 already known to the police, and 64 vehicles were checked, with 5 searches performed.

Operazione antidroga a Siracusa: un arresto e una denuncia

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