Drug dealer arrested in Catania, caught with over a kilo of drugs at home

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The officers of the flying squad of the Police Headquarters of Catania, while passing through Viale Africa, stopped and checked a man, who had been noticed shortly before arguing heatedly with a woman who was walking away.

The man is a 43-year-old criminal from Catania, who voluntarily handed over a transparent plastic envelope containing marijuana, weighing 6.34 grams, stored in a fanny pack, to which he added three other paper envelopes containing cocaine, weighing 1.98 grams.

In relation to his previous convictions, the police officers carried out a home search which revealed, inside the bedroom wardrobe, a plastic bag containing 165 transparent plastic envelopes containing marijuana, weighing 829.58 grams, as well as 5 envelopes containing cocaine, weighing 307 grams and the sum of 500 euros in banknotes of various denominations, considered proceeds from drug trafficking.

The drugs were seized, and the man ended up in prison after a summary trial.

Spacciatore arrestato a Catania, in casa aveva oltre un chilo di droga

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