Diletta Leotta arrives with boyfriend Loris Karius, goalkeepers; fans go crazy

The summer season in the Aeolian Islands continues with the arrival of VIPs. Diletta Leotta and her partner Loris Karius, the German goalkeeper for Newcastle, have landed on Vulcano. They arrived at the Levante port on a Liberty Lines hydrofoil from Milazzo, accompanied by their daughter Aria and mother Francesca Maugeri. As soon as they disembarked, they took selfies with the dockworker Antonio Costa and the check operator from the Trapani company, Calogero Morgano. They will be staying on the island for a few days, taking advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and warm waters to go swimming and enjoy boat trips around the island. Despite the sequestration of the thermal pool, known for its therapeutic properties and frequented by tourists from all over the world in the past, they will make the most of their time on the island. Diletta, originally from Catania, is showing her partner the most beautiful places on the island. The Aeolian Islands have always played a prominent role in her personal album, with pictures from the top of the volcano crater and meals on the water. The couple has chosen to stay at the exclusive “Therasia” hotel on Vulcanello, overlooking the sea cliffs. This summer has been a golden one for the archipelago in terms of VIP visits, with Robert De Niro returning to Panarea after 30 years and Manchester City President Khaldun al-Mubarak celebrating the Champions League victory with Inter in Vulcano, indulging in lobsters and prawns. The islands have also seen over 200 mega-yachts of 60 meters or more gliding through their waters, heading to Vulcano and the pumice beaches of Lipari.

Vulcano, arriva Diletta Leotta con la sua dolce metà, il portiere Loris Karius: fan in delirio

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