Controversy over naming school after Peppino Impastato in Partinico

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Out of 1300 students at the scientific high school Savarino in Partinico, 797 (73%) do not want the school to be named after Peppino Impastato, the journalist and activist from Democrazia Proletaria who was assassinated by the mafia in 1978 for his anti-mafia battles. According to the students, Impastato, characterized by his political beliefs, would be a “divisive” figure for his political affiliation. The students also criticize a lack of democracy in the process that led to naming the school after the mafia victim, a complex and eventful process that concluded recently after two years. The student representatives say that their proposals were not taken into account, as they initially suggested the school be named after the former mayor Gigia Cannizzo or the judge Rosario Livatino. They state that they have nothing against Impastato, but they do not like the method followed. Disappointed and bitter is Giovanni Impastato, brother of the DP activist killed by the mafia. “Peppino is a beloved figure among the students, perhaps the students of the high school have not studied his story,” he comments.

Partinico, per gli studenti del liceo Savarino il nome di Peppino Impastato è «divisivo»: arriva l’alt all’intitolazione della scuola

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