Conflict between judiciary and government after the judge of Catania’s case, the Anm: “They want to intimidate us”

The National Association of Magistrates has accused government officials of attempting to intimidate judges who make interpretations that are not aligned with a certain political agenda. The association expressed concern over attacks on the independence and autonomy of the judiciary, specifically in relation to a judge in Catania who rejected a decree regarding Tunisian asylum seekers. The association called for a general assembly to address the attacks on jurisdiction and the denigration of individual magistrates. Only representatives from Magistratura Indipendente opposed this decision. The association believes that the government’s goal is to intimidate judges and persuade citizens that decisions contrary to the government’s choices are politically motivated. They urged politicians to consider the harmful effects of delegitimizing the judiciary and interfering in the private lives of magistrates. The association also called on the Privacy Commissioner to protect magistrates from unwarranted intrusions into their personal lives, and asked the Minister of Justice to clarify the mandate given to inspectors regarding the Apostolico case.

Sale lo scontro magistratura-governo dopo il caso del giudice di Catania, l’Anm: «Vogliono intimorirci»

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