Chiara Ferragni defends Palermo girl: “Strangely, it’s always the woman who is blamed”

Italian influencer Chiara Ferragni criticized journalist Andrea Giambruno for victim-blaming in a recent discussion about gang rapes in Palermo and Caivano. Giambruno had suggested that the victim could have avoided the incident by not getting drunk. Ferragni shared posts on Instagram from journalists Ilaria Maria Dondi and direcontrolaviolenza, highlighting the danger of perpetuating rape culture. Giambruno later claimed that his quotes were defamatory and taken out of context. The gang rapes have garnered significant attention in Italy, with many celebrities showing their support for the victims through the #iononsonocarne social media campaign. Ornella Vanoni joined the campaign, emphasizing that the problem lies with perpetrators, not victims.

Chiara Ferragni in difesa della ragazza di Palermo: «Stranamente è sempre la donna ad essere colpevolizzata»

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