Chaos and fear at Ingrassia hospital in Palermo: nurse assaulted, three people reported

New attack on healthcare workers in a hospital in Palermo. This time chaos erupted at the Ingrassia hospital on Corso Calatafimi, where three people were reported. Two men and a woman, tired of waiting for their turn, first lashed out at the doctors: they knocked on the door several times and insisted on entering to have a family member examined.

Security personnel asked them to leave, but when faced with yet another attempt to access the emergency area despite not yet being their turn, the security guards stopped them. However, the door opened to allow a more serious patient to enter, and taking advantage of this opportunity, the woman attacked the nurse, pulling her hair and threatening her.

It was a chaotic moment, with screams and insults towards the healthcare staff who then alerted the police. The police arrived at the emergency room, but in the meantime, the three continued to spread panic, kicking and punching doors and furniture. Once calm was restored, the three were reported for threats, injuries, and disruption of public service.

Caos e paura all’ospedale Ingrassia di Palermo: infermiera aggredita, tre persone denunciate

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