Cassation sets hearing to review government appeals against Catania judges

The Court of Cassation has scheduled a single date for the discussion of appeals made by the State Attorney on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior against the rulings of the Catania court which denied the validation of the detention of migrants in the Pozzallo center. The hearing is set for January 30, 2024. The appeals concern the decision of the Catania court regarding the detention of migrants, which allegedly violated a European directive. The Cassation aims to provide a clarifying response to complex interpretative issues, as it involves fundamental human rights and the administration of migrant flows and asylum applications. The decisions of the Catania judges triggered strong controversy, as they released 19 Tunisian asylum seekers held in the Pozzallo center, arguing that the detention procedures were incompatible with EU rules.

Migranti, la Cassazione fissa l’udienza per esaminare i ricorsi del governo contro i giudici di Catania

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