Casa Vacanze Casa del Pescatore Ponente – Portopalo di Capo Passero

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If you want to spend a wonderful holiday in the southernmost place of Italy, immersed in a unique context, where the old fishermen’s houses two meters from the beach have retained their ancient flavor, the Casa del Pescatore Ponente is the solution that is for you.

A beautiful house with a refined design equipped with every comfort to be able to live in any season. Right there where time has stopped, you can admire as in an author’s painting, the blue sky that plunges into the sea of ​​a thousand colors, the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea that meet and unite, the summer dawn that rises behind a seventeenth-century fortress on the island of Capo Passero and makes it magical, and if your holiday coincides with full moon nights, you will be lucky enough to see an enchanted landscape, imaginable only in fairy tales .

You can find black sand beaches, golden sand beaches and rocky beaches, admire the enchanting ancient tonnara of Portopalo, walk in the archaeological park and visit the island of Capo Passero enjoying its pristine splendor, you can enjoy by the sea an authentic cuisine with unmistakable flavors, taste the real Pachino tomato with a unique flavor because it is grown on the sandy soil of the sea, the fresh fish that you will find every day in the wonderful fish market, all the seasonal fruit and vegetables and drink excellent wine including the famous native Nero d’Avola wine.

Portopalo of Capo Passero

Casa Vacanze Casa del Pescatore Ponente – Portopalo di Capo Passero

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