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Where is the Capo Street Market in Palermo ?

Located in the old district, called Seralcadio, formed in the Muslim era to accommodate slaves, or pirates and slave traders.
The Capo Street Market is located in the historic center of Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Specifically, it extends between Via Volturno, Via Cappuccinelle, Via Sant’Agostino, Via Ballarò and Via Maqueda. This area is easily reached on foot or by public transport and is within easy reach of other tourist attractions in Palermo, such as the Cathedral, the Teatro Massimo and the Palazzo dei Normanni.

Address: Via Porta Carini 90134 Palermo
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The Capo Street Market of Palermo is one of the oldest and most traditional markets of the city, located in the historic center of Palermo.
The main entrance to the Capo Street Market is located in Via Porta Carini, a pedestrian street that stretches along the length of the market.
This entrance is characterized by a large stone arch that leads to the heart of the market.
Once past the arch, you enter a lively and colorful area, surrounded by stalls and shops offering a wide range of fresh food and local crafts. The entrance is easily recognizable thanks to the presence of some writings and murals that decorate the arch and the surrounding walls.
The market covers an area of about 3,000 square meters and offers visitors a wide range of fresh and typical Sicilian cuisine, such as fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, bread and cakes.
In addition, the market is also a place where you can discover local crafts, with numerous shops selling handmade products such as textiles, ceramics and wooden objects.
Local artisans are always available to explain the history and tradition behind each product.
The Capo Street Market was opened for the first time in 1783 and has since become a landmark for the daily life of the city.
The market is open every day, from early morning until late afternoon, except on Sundays.
Moreover, the Capo Street Market is also a meeting place for the local community, where the inhabitants of Palermo go to shop, socialize and discover the latest news of the place.
However, as in any market, it is important to pay attention to your belongings and keep an eye on prices to avoid unpleasant surprises.
A visit to the Mercato del Capo is an authentic experience that allows you to discover the true essence of Palermo. The lively and authentic atmosphere of the market makes you feel part of the local community, and allows you to enjoy the authentic flavors of Sicilian cuisine. The Mercato del Capo is a place not to be missed if you visit Palermo!
The other popular markets in Palermo are:


Located in the Albergheria district, Vucciria Market is a historic market known for selling fresh products such as fruits, vegetables and fish, but also clothing, shoes and local crafts.

Ballarò Market

Located in the Ballarò district, the Ballarò market is one of the oldest markets in Palermo.
Here you can find fresh products such as fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, but also spices, cheese, bread and cakes. The market is also known for selling local crafts such as textiles and ceramics.

Borgo Vecchio Market

Located near the port of Palermo, the Borgo Vecchio market is a place where you can find fresh food such as fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, as well as local handicrafts such as textiles, ceramics and wooden objects.


The Capo Street Market, a district north of the Albergheria, is like this characterized by a network of streets and dead ends. Also popular, it has a local market, the Mercato del Capo, which extends along Via Sant’Agostino and ends at Porta Carini, one of the oldest gates of the city. The central nucleus of the district is the imposing convent of the Church of Sant’Agostino, which in medieval times ruled the region.

Opening hours

The Capo Street Market is open from Monday to Saturday from 7:00 to 19:00.
On Sundays it is closed.
Most shops close during lunch break, so if you want to visit the market during this period, it is best to do so before 13:00.

How to get to the Capo market

Located at the meeting point between Via Porta Carini and Via Volturno in the historic center of the city,
Capo Street Market is about a 20-minute walk from Palermo’s main train station.

These lines have stops at Capo Street Market.


What to buy at the Cape market?

As you venture into the heart of the Capo Street Market, you are constantly accompanied by the strident and often brightly colored voices of the various street vendors, who try to attract attention to stimulate the purchase of their products.
This fascinating invitation is known as “abbanniata” in the dialect of Palermo. In fact, part of the show consists in listening to this characteristic “folk music” typical of historical markets.
In these ancient markets you can find a variety of items, but especially fruits, vegetables, fish and meat are in the foreground.

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