Caltanissetta: Two tons of fruits and vegetables seized due to lack of traceability.

Around two tons of untraceable fruits and vegetables were seized in Caltanissetta by the forestry department of the Sicilian Region. Coordinated by the regional agri-food operational unit, the officials intercepted and inspected the load to determine its Italian or foreign origin and found irregularities in European regulations regarding product traceability. A batch of produce was found in the center of the market and could not be traced back to any of the four official commissioners present. It is presumed that the vendors, who were apparently not in compliance, chose to abandon the goods rather than be identified. The fruits and vegetables in good condition were donated to the Santa Croce parish in Caltanissetta for the poor, while any spoiled and inedible items were destroyed. The regional Environment Minister, Elena Pagana, commented that the forestry department’s continuous efforts to ensure the food safety of Sicilians and protect the island’s farmers will persist with strict and systematic traceability checks.