Brawls in Catania nightclub: Employees opt to quit out of fear

The content discusses the consequences of a series of raids by a gang of minors in a nightclub in Catania. These raids have led to financial losses, reduced attendance, and difficulties in managing employees. The gang, led by a 15-year-old relative of a mafia boss, intimidated the nightclub owner and staff, forcing them to let the gang enter and consume drinks without paying. The nightclub management expressed gratitude to the police and the judiciary for their actions and stated that they will participate as civil parties in the legal proceedings. The investigation, conducted by the Carabinieri police in Catania, began after a violent assault that took place in February 2023 and revealed several other criminal incidents between February and June 2023. The investigation is ongoing to determine the involvement of other individuals who have not yet been subject to precautionary measures.

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