Big party for Milan fan clubs, Captain Baresi arrives in Campofelice

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A dream come true. Yesterday afternoon Campofelice di Roccella welcomed Franco Baresi, an icon of Italian football, a flag for Milan and Milan fans. The captain par excellence. He wore the captain’s armband of the Rossoneri team for fifteen years, with which he won everything possible to win. An example of human correctness on and off the field. A highly valuable event for the Milanese community of Campofelice, who strongly wanted the captain’s presence. In fact, it was the Milan club Kakà of president Giulio Giardina that organized the event that involved the entire community. The captain arrived at 5 pm and after visiting the club headquarters, he met the approximately one thousand fans, not only Milan fans, who were waiting for him in the main square of the seaside town. Smoke bombs and screams from the stadium on his arrival in the square “there is only one captain. An emotion for all present, but also for Franco Baresi who felt the affection of his fans. Also present at the event were the Milan Clubs of Palermo, Ribera, and Capo d’Orlando. A party attended by the mayor of Campofelice Peppuccio Di Maggio, but also representatives of the Interclub and Juventus Club of Campofelice di Roccella. After the crowd bath in the square, it was time to meet the champion inside the hall of the Sisters of the Cross Institute. A packed room where the captain answered questions and curiosities about his career as an athlete and now as a manager of Milan. Then it was time for photos, autographs, and red and black jerseys raised to the sky shouting: Franco Baresi. “Yesterday we had a wonderful day,” said the president of the Milan club Kakà of Campofelice di Roccella Giulio Giardina. “Being able to bring a red and black flag like Franco Baresi to Campofelice was simply fantastic. An important event that required a significant expenditure of energy; but the effort and difficulties of these past few days were more than repaid by the joy and happiness of spending an entire day with the captain. A special thanks to Rino Noto of the Milan club “Franco Baresi” of Ribera who allowed us to fulfill this great dream. The biggest hug goes to the club members. Thanks to Giovanni, Alberto, Samuele, Lopo, Valerio, and Peppe.”

Grande festa per i club milanisti, a Campofelice arriva capitan Baresi

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