Autopsy ordered for young victim of ceiling collapse in Comiso

The cause of death of 22-year-old Matteo Battaglia, from Comiso, will be determined by an autopsy. Matteo died on October 10th at the Garibaldi Hospital in Catania, after two days of agony. He had been involved in an accident on the evening of Sunday, October 8th. Matteo had gone to a commercial establishment in Comiso that some family members were considering purchasing, to inspect the premises. For reasons that are being investigated by the judicial authority, the owner of the premises is under investigation as Matteo allegedly fell from a considerable height after breaking through a false ceiling. The premises have been seized. The family had given consent for organ donation. The Mayor of Comiso, Maria Rita Schembari, has announced the declaration of a day of mourning in the city on the day of the funeral.

Il giovane morto nel crollo di un controsoffitto a Comiso: disposta l’autopsia

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