Autopsy on victims of home fire set by Vittoria concluded

The autopsy on the bodies of Mariam Sassi, 55, and her daughter Sameh Zaouali, 34, who died in a fire set on June 13th in Vittoria (Ragusa) by their son Wajdi, 29, has been completed. The autopsy was conducted by forensic doctor Giuseppe Algieri, appointed by deputy prosecutor Martina Dall’Amico.

Also present at the autopsy, which has the character of a probative incident, was forensic doctor Giuseppe Iuvara, appointed by Wajdi Zaouali’s defense lawyer, Giovanni Ascone.

The results of the autopsy will be disclosed and deposited within 90 days. The bodies will then be returned to the family for the funeral and the repatriation of the bodies, which will be buried in Tunisia, under the care of the Tunisian Consulate.

In Vittoria, only the sole surviving sister, a 25-year-old law student in Turin, remains from the family. She has appointed lawyer Italo Alia to represent the family.

Meanwhile, the conditions of the other two family members seriously burned, father Kemal, 57, and youngest daughter Oumaima, 19, a high school student who was supposed to take her final exams in these days, are improving.

A fundraising campaign for the Zaouali family has been launched (on the gofundme platform). So far, almost 9000 euros have been raised. The school will also make a contribution to the Zaouali family, who no longer have a home, as it was completely destroyed by the fire.

Vittoria, appiccò fuoco a casa: conclusa l’autopsia sulle due vittime

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