Attempted theft at Noz dei Cantieri Culturali in Zisa: Thieves break into Palermo and escape.

Attempted theft at Noz in via Paolo Gilii in Palermo, inside the Zisa Cultural Workshops. Thieves forced a shutter to try to break into the premises, but the attempt failed and they fled, leaving no trace. When the alarm was raised, the carabinieri arrived on the scene and confirmed the damage, but nothing was stolen from the pavilion.

The area was put back into operation three years ago: it is the spaces of the historic Ducrot workshops, which have returned to being a production site thanks to artisan and technological workshops. The center aims to be a place of work, training, promotion, and experimentation, a hub for local development and environmental sustainability, with activities that focus on enhancing traditional skills, with particular attention to intercultural dialogue. The carabinieri have launched an investigation into last night’s attempted theft to identify those responsible, with surveillance camera footage under review.

Similar incidents have occurred in the past at the Cultural Workshops. For example, Crezi Plus, the social promotion association that created a “community hub” in the former Ducrot canteen and the former Bausch Space, was targeted. In that case, four hundred euros stored in the cash register were stolen.

Palermo, forzano la saracinesca e scappano: tentato furto al Noz dei Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa

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