Arsonist arrested after months of investigation in Gioiosa Marea and Piraino

At the early hours of October 23, 2023, a man in Gioiosa Marea, allegedly used a lighter to set off six separate fires in close proximity to each other, which were eventually extinguished by the intervention of firefighters, in the territories of the municipalities of Gioiosa Marea and Piraino in Messina. The man has been arrested and placed under house arrest with an electronic bracelet, on charges of aggravated multiple forest fires, based on an order issued by the examining magistrate of the Patti Court, at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office led by Angelo Vittorio Cavallo.

The intervention of rescuers limited the spreading of the flames, which nevertheless destroyed over 800 square meters of dense vegetation and Mediterranean scrub, coming close to homes and edging the warehouse of a carpentry.

Appiccò un incendio a Gioiosa Marea e a Piraino, arrestato dopo mesi di indagini

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