Arrested in Catania: Man exploits ex who receives disability pension

A 40-year-old man was arrested in Catania by the police for domestic abuse, serious threats, and physical injuries following a report of harassment by his ex-partner. The woman, who suffers from certain medical conditions and has a recognized mental disability, had not previously reported the abuse “to avoid the worst”, but the continuous harassment and humiliation by her ex-partner pushed her to seek help from the police. The arrest was the result of an investigation led and coordinated by the local prosecutor’s office, which led to the issuance of two restrictive orders against the man. The first order imposed electronic monitoring, while the second order resulted in his detention in prison, issued after the man made death threats towards both his ex-partner and her family members.

Vessava e sfruttava la ex che percepiva una pensione di invalidità, arrestato a Catania

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