Albanian man who stabbed neighbor 20 times in custody in Carini

The man who yesterday, Monday the first of April, allegedly stabbed a 53-year-old man in Carini, a town about twenty kilometers from Palermo, is in police custody. The victim is fighting for his life in a hospital bed. He was tormented by a series of stabbings, at least twenty according to the paramedics. The incident occurred during a fight near a betting center. The carabinieri immediately started their investigation and identified the attacker a few hours later, charging him with attempted murder.

The man, an Albanian, is reportedly a neighbor with whom the victim had several disagreements. Many heated discussions led to yesterday’s violent confrontation. The victim’s body was covered in blood after being stabbed in the chest, shoulders, arms, and abdomen. The attacker fled the scene after the incident. The carabinieri searched for him at his home and with friends and family members. The motive for the extreme act of violence is still unclear. Witnesses say that the victim and the attacker encountered each other by chance near a betting center and exchanged some words that escalated into violence. The Albanian allegedly attacked the victim with rage, stabbing him multiple times. The victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

The two neighbors had a history of disagreements and violent arguments, fueled by trivial reasons. The carabinieri mention escalating tensions between the two men. The exact trigger for yesterday’s violent attack is yet to be understood. Witnesses report that the altercation started with a chance encounter on the road, possibly leading to insults and physical violence. The Albanian unleashed his fury on the victim, stabbing him repeatedly, before fleeing the scene. The victim was left unconscious on the ground, requiring immediate medical attention. He was transported to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit due to serious injuries.

Carini, in stato di fermo l’albanese che ha sferrato venti coltellate al vicino

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