Agrigento Codacons leader requests to be heard by the prosecutor: “Irregularities in sociosanitary district D1”

Giuseppe Di Rosa, regional manager of Codacons Transparency of local authorities, is requesting to be heard by the Dda and the Prosecutor’s Office of Palermo following the arrests of managers and consultants of the Municipality of Agrigento.
“The request stems from the awareness of clear administrative crimes committed within the assembly of mayors of the D1 Agrigento district, which includes the municipalities of Agrigento, Aragona, Comitini, Favara, Joppolo Giancaxio, Porto Empedocle, Realmonte, Raffadali, Santa Elisabetta, Sant’Angelo Muxaro, and Siculiana – writes Di Rosa. Codacons is aware of unclear operations that have led to the transfer of funds from the socio-sanitary district accounts to municipal coffers, as well as questionable hiring of social workers and other figures, spending €12 million for 2021 alone without a regular resolution by the assembly of mayors.”
Di Rosa has long focused on Gaetano Di Giovanni, Chief of Staff, commander of the municipal police and former head of the socio-sanitary district D1. Di Giovanni was arrested for corruption in conspiracy on April 11 by the Carabinieri of the Partinico company.

Agrigento, dirigente Codacons chiede di essere sentito dalla procura: «Irregolarità nel distretto sociosanitario D1»

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