Acireale mourns the death of former director of diocesan institute of religious sciences, Don Nino Franco

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The article announces the death of Reverend Nino Franco, former director of the diocesan institute of religious sciences Sant’Agostino in Acireale. He was also an assistant FUCI, a professor of philosophy and theology at the San Paolo Theological Study in Catania. He passed away at the age of 75, just before celebrating 50 years of priesthood on April 21.

The article also provides a brief biography of Don Nino Franco, highlighting his academic achievements and career as a priest. It mentions his role as a spiritual assistant, chaplain, teacher, and director of various religious institutions throughout his life.

The Bishop Raspanti pays tribute to Don Nino Franco, recognizing his dedication to serving God and deepening the understanding of faith. The bishop praises his theological wisdom and tireless commitment to teaching with simplicity and authority.

The article concludes with the announcement of Don Nino Franco’s funeral, which will be held at the Santa Maria di Randazzo parish church at 3:30 PM.

Acireale, è morto don Nino Franco ex direttore dell’istituto diocesano di scienze religiose

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