83-year-old German tourist injured on Vulcano rescued and airlifted to Messina

An 83-year-old German tourist who was injured on the island of Vulcano was rescued by technicians from the CNSAS Sicily. Alerted by the central operations of the 118 emergency services, the technicians of the Sicilian Alpine and Speleological Rescue embarked on a helicopter from the Papardo Hospital base in Messina and reached the island and then the rugged area to recover the man, who had fallen in the summit areas of the island and had a suspected facial trauma. The injured person was immobilized and stretchered by the Sicilian rescue team and the medical staff of the 118 crew to be transported by stretcher to the landing pad and then transferred by helicopter to the emergency room of the Policlinico in Messina.

Un turista tedesco di 83 anni si fa male a Vulcano: viene soccorso in una zona impervia e trasportato in elicottero a Messina

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