57-year-old man reported for possessing illegal weapons and ammunition in Favara

An article explaining that a 57-year-old man from Favara was reported by the carabinieri for illegal possession of weapons and ammunition, violation of limits on ammunition possession without declaration, and failure to report a change of residence for a firearm. The authorities found two 12-gauge shotguns, a 102 cm long katana, and 35 undeclared .308 Winchester caliber ammunition in the man’s possession. They also discovered that he had not reported the change of residence of another 12-gauge hunting rifle. The weapons and ammunition were confiscated. Additionally, 10 hunting rifles, 3 pistols, 1 carbine, and various ammunition, which were legally owned, were temporarily withdrawn as a precautionary measure.

Favara, aveva armi e munizioni illegali: denunciato un uomo di 57 anni

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