31-year-old suspect under special surveillance and asset seizure for drug trafficking in Assoro.

Surveillance special measures have been applied and movable and immovable property, as well as bank accounts, have been confiscated from Salvatore Virzì, 31 years old, resident in the municipality of Assoro, in the province of Enna, who is under house arrest for association aimed at drug trafficking, within the scope of police operations “Caput Silente” and “Icaro.”

From the investigations, it emerged that he was planning, together with another person, a punitive action in which weapons would also be used against an alleged associate due to conflicts in the management of drug trafficking and dealing in the area. The patrimonial investigations have instead revealed that the man had at his disposal a disproportionate amount of assets compared to his legitimate economic capacity. The confiscation involved two pieces of land, two cars, a bank account, and a deposit account.

Assoro, traffico di droga: sorveglianza speciale e confisca dei beni per un indagato di 31 anni

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