25 people reported for renting houses to undocumented migrants in Caltanissetta.

25 people have been reported to the State Police for entering into lease and employment contracts with foreigners who did not have a residence permit. These foreigners had submitted applications to extend their stay in Italy without fulfilling the necessary requirements. The Immigration Office of the Police Headquarters in Caltanissetta discovered that 25 Italians had entered into contracts with foreigners who lacked a residence permit. These foreigners had entered Italy legally to apply for Italian citizenship by descent, but remained in the country illegally beyond the allowed time limits. They entered into lease and employment contracts without a residence permit. Under international agreements, foreigners can stay in Italy without a residence permit for a maximum of 90 days. Since they could not complete the citizenship recognition process or obtain a residence permit within that time frame, they illegally extended their stay by applying for work permits. These applications were submitted without any right, as the foreigners lacked work visas and were unable to secure any type of employment contract in Italy. Along with their residence permit applications, the foreigners attached lease and employment contracts signed with Italian citizens in violation of the law. The individuals involved now face penalties ranging from six months to three years. Both those who provide accommodation to foreigners without a residence permit and employers who hire workers without valid permits are subject to these penalties.

Caltanissetta, case in affitto ai migranti senza permesso di soggiorno: 25 denunciati

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