1200 counterfeit clothing items seized in Catania, two individuals indicted

The Financial Guard of Catania seized over 1,200 counterfeit clothing items in two separate operations in Catania and the nearby town of Misterbianco. In Catania, the authorities seized 78 items of clothing with counterfeit logos following a complaint from a commercial operator. They traced the distribution chain to a wholesale merchant, a Chinese company managed by a 60-year-old woman with a clean record, where they confiscated over 1,200 counterfeit clothing and accessories including hoodies, jeans, tracksuits, hats, and fanny packs. The operation resulted in the reporting of the business owners for the crime of trading in products with false marks, and the Chinese wholesaler was also reported for receiving stolen goods, as she could not prove the origin of the counterfeit merchandise.

Catania, sequestrati 1200 capi di abbigliamento contraffatti, due denunciati

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