Young man on bike hit in accident on Messina Marine Street in Palermo: critical condition.

He was riding his bicycle along Via Messina Marine, but a car hit him and he ended up violently on the ground. The young man, who ended up in the hospital in Palermo yesterday, Sunday, May 1st, was hit by a Smart car and is hospitalized with a reserved prognosis at the Civic Hospital. He was initially taken to Buccheri La Ferla, but his condition required an immediate transfer.

The cyclist, S.A, is a 25-year-old man from Liguria, who has been living in Palermo for some time: he suffered injuries to his limbs, chest, and head and is under close observation in Intensive Care. The impact, which occurred not far from Via Laudicina (the road that leads to the Forum Brancaccio shopping center), was indeed very violent. According to what was reconstructed by the officials of the Municipal Police who carried out the investigations on the spot, the young man and the 29-year-old driver of a Smart car were traveling in the same direction on the stretch of road.

For reasons yet to be determined, they collided and the cyclist was thrown from the saddle, ending up on the asphalt and hitting his head. When the alarm was raised, the emergency medical services arrived and assisted the young man, who was found injured on the ground. He was transported to the hospital with a red code, but was not immediately identified because he did not have his documents on him. The driver of the car was the one who contacted the emergency number, and after realizing what had happened, stopped to ask for help: he was interviewed by the officers who are trying to reconstruct the dynamics with precision to establish responsibilities.

Meanwhile, residents point fingers at that stretch of road, where the lighting is considered poor. Those who live in the area consider the area to be dangerous: “Pitch black as soon as the sun sets, even crossing becomes a huge risk and cars race by not respecting speed limits”.

L’incidente in via Messina Marine a Palermo, il giovane investito viaggiava su una bici: è in prognosi riservata

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