Young man from Ficarazzi wakes from coma after accident: cannot speak yet, squeezes mother’s hand.

The article describes a young man from Ficarazzi who has come out of a coma thirteen days after a car accident and is being kept under observation in the Intensive Care Unit of the Civico Hospital in Palermo. The twenty-two-year-old has undergone a tracheotomy and is unable to speak, but has reacted to stimuli and has squeezed his mother’s hand, who is by his side. The mother, a homemaker, and the father, a painter, have not left the hospital after waiting for two weeks for their son to show signs of improvement following the terrible accident that occurred at 6:30 am on March 16th, on Viale Regione Siciliana in Palermo, near Via Oreto. The young man’s Ford Fiesta went off the road and crashed into a palm tree. Firefighters had to intervene to remove him from the crumpled car.

Il giovane di Ficarazzi uscito dal coma dopo un incidente: non può ancora parlare, ha stretto la mano della madre

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