Worker from Campobello accused of enabling the godfather with his phone denies allegations

The article explains that Cosimo Leone, a radiology technician, refused to answer questions in front of the magistrate Alfredo Montalto during his questioning for mafia association charges. It is alleged that he conducted a CT scan for Matteo Messina Denaro at Mazara del Vallo hospital in 2020 and provided the mafia boss with a “clean” cell phone purchased by an accomplice. Leonardo Gulotta, an accused worker of external complicity in mafia association, denied the allegations of providing his phone to the mafia boss. Tomorrow, the third suspect, architect Massimo Gentile, will be questioned by video conference. He is accused of allowing the fugitive to use his identity to buy a car and a motorcycle.

L’operaio di Campobello che avrebbe messo a disposizione del padrino la sua utenza telefonica respinge le accuse

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