Worker from Belpasso reported for hitting a woman in Mascalucia without providing assistance

A 51-year-old worker from Belpasso, identified as A.S., is the hit-and-run driver who struck and threw 69-year-old woman T.G.S., also from Belpasso, 18 meters away while she was crossing the pedestrian crossing with her husband. The woman is still fighting for her life as she remains in a coma at Cannizzaro Hospital in Catania. The police have been investigating since the incident occurred on November 27th in Mascalucia, and they have identified and reported the driver to the judicial authorities. The police collected surveillance camera footage and witness testimonies to identify the driver. The investigation led to the identification of the 51-year-old man from Belpasso, and he was immediately reported to the magistrate and had his vehicle seized as it was found to be uninsured and not properly inspected. The man was reported for failing to provide assistance and causing serious injuries, but due to the nature of the charges, he is not in custody. The police chief, Orazio Vecchio, expressed gratitude to the citizens who provided valuable information and emphasized the importance of citizen cooperation in such cases. He also expressed hope for the victim’s recovery and emphasized the importance of citizen collaboration in all cases.

Investì una donna a Mascalucia senza prestare soccorso, denunciato operaio di Belpasso

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