Woman sought who witnessed young man starting fire at Capo Gallo

The article talks about the investigation carried out by the Carabinieri in search of an eyewitness who may have seen the person responsible for setting fire to the Capo Gallo reserve in Palermo, causing extensive damage to homes and businesses. The focus is on Francesco Ficano, who has been arrested for the crime of forest fire and environmental disaster. The article mentions a possible eyewitness who provided precise details about a person on a motorbike seen after the fire. The investigators are still trying to locate and interview this witness. The article also discusses Ficano’s confession in prison, where he admitted to starting the fire, but denied using any accelerants. The investigation is also looking into the possibility of other surveillance cameras in the area that may have captured the incident.

«È stato un ragazzo con il motorino»: si cerca la donna che vide un giovane innescare il rogo di Capo Gallo

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