Water not drinkable in Gela due to high chlorine levels: restrictions in place

In Gela, water can only be used for hygiene purposes, but not for food purposes. Mayor Lucio Greco decided this with two ordinances signed within two days. Recent analyses have shown the presence of chlorites above the allowed limits. The ban affects the neighborhoods served by the Caposoprano and Montelungo reservoirs. Water samples were taken at Spinasanta and Ancipa on June 6th and cannot be consumed or used for cooking. Similar issues were found in neighborhoods served by the Montelungo, Macchitella, and Marchitello reservoirs on June 5th. This adds to the already severe water crisis in Gela, which has led local neighborhood committees to demand exemption from water bills until a more efficient distribution system is in place. They are pushing to meet with the service providers, Ati and Caltaqua, who have announced plans to increase water supply.

Cloriti oltre la soglia, acqua non potabile a Gela: scattano i divieti in diversi quartieri

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