Violent uprising in Palermo, arms associations arrive for territory control checks

The mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla, and the municipal police assessor, Dario Falzone, have signed agreements with three volunteer associations to collaborate on observation, safeguarding, and reporting activities in the historic center, public parks, and other areas of the city with public events. The volunteers will not have sanctioning powers but will act as a point of reference for citizens and support the municipal police in various activities. The service is expected to start during the holiday season. Mayor Lagalla emphasized the importance of the project for increasing safety for citizens and expressed hope for future expansion of the service. The volunteers, identifiable by their association uniforms, will carry out their duties without sanctioning powers, but will report any observed incidents and provide information and reassurance to citizens.

Movida violenta a Palermo, arrivano le associazioni d’arma per i controlli sul territorio

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