Violent father arrested in Acireale for kicking daughter and tearing out her hair

A 33-year-old man has been arrested for domestic violence by the carabinieri of the Acireale company after he had beaten his daughter, who had recently returned to live with him, hitting her with kicks, pulling out clumps of hair, and squeezing her hands around her neck. The man’s partner, who witnessed the scene, called 112. While the man was scolding his partner, the daughter also called the carabinieri, who sent a patrol to the scene.

The girl had recently returned to live with her father in the village of Guardia Mangano. In just over a month, she had to deal with the man’s alcohol problems and his abuse, to which his new partner was already accustomed. Violent episodes, threats, and outbursts of anger that occurred frequently, sometimes even in the presence of the couple’s young children.

The incident that led to the arrest took place in early April. The man had casually overheard the young woman, exasperated, as she vented to a friend about her father’s harassing and aggressive behavior towards her, which had become unbearable. On that occasion, the man, as soon as they returned home, unleashed his anger, violently hitting his daughter with his hands and kicks, even pulling out clumps of hair. His partner, witnessing the scene of the father who had even grabbed the daughter’s neck with his hands, called 112 on her cellphone just before the attacker took it from her hands. In those moments, the girl, taking advantage of her father’s distraction, busy scolding the woman for that phone call just made, was also able to call the carabinieri. Thus, the father, in a fit of anger, snatched her phone and hastily left the house.

The calls for help had still managed to achieve their goal. The carabinieri, alerted and coordinated by the operational center, rushed to the woman’s home within minutes, providing assistance and immediately securing the victims. In particular, in the living room, the carabinieri found the girl in the midst of a strong crying crisis, trembling, in pain in her head, and almost unable to speak; in her room, clear signs of the scuffle, including several clumps of hair on the floor, torn from her by her father. Given the evident injuries, the carabinieri immediately called an ambulance, which transported the young woman to the emergency room. As the healthcare workers were leaving, the 33-year-old man returned home, barefoot, in pants and a tank top, emitting a strong alcohol smell and slurring incoherent words. The carabinieri, who had already removed the partner from the house, arrested him for the crime of domestic violence. The judge, after validating the arrest, ordered him to be placed under house arrest at a different residence.

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