Vandals damage artistic panels in Porto Palo di Menfi: Route of Quotes affected

Vandals have damaged the “Route of Quotations,” a series of artistic panels located in Porto Palo di Menfi. Made with wooden poles and planks, they have been severely damaged and left on the ground. The mayor strongly condemns this attack and has already reported it. The mayor, Vito Clemente, addresses the vandals by saying, “One word, shame on you. If anyone thinks that the visionary volunteer quoters will give up, they are mistaken. Just as we will not give up. Always hope that we don’t catch you, because there won’t be fines, but reports to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.” The investigations to identify the culprits are ongoing. In the meantime, volunteers have placed new quotation signs in another area of Menfi, in Lido Fiori. “While they destroy in Porto Palo, in Lido Fiori the visionary quotation volunteers continue to build,” Clemente emphasizes.

Vandali in azione a Porto Palo di Menfi: danneggiati i pannelli artistici della Rotta delle citazioni

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