Vandalism and theft in Palermo’s historic center, resident vents: “The only solution seems to leave”

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Ignazio Cassata, a resident in via Maqueda in Palermo and owner of the damaged Jeep in recent days on via Fiume, vents all the fears accumulated in recent months. The stretch of via Maqueda, from Quattro Canti to the Station, is now in the hands of drug addicts and drug dealers, who seem to have taken possession: episodes of crime increase every passing day and the residents in the area are the ones who suffer the most, at the mercy of drug trafficking and continuous acts of vandalism against cars parked between via Fiume, via Pavia and via Trieste.

“A strong and clear alarm cry directed to the institutions. The residents are now psychologically on their knees and also economically the continuous thefts and damages to the cars weigh on the citizens’ pockets.

“I was forced to pay 160 euros for a new window yesterday – he tells – which is heavy because every day I wake up at four in the morning to go to work. My wife burst into tears of fear: we can’t go on like this, do we have to leave the neighborhood where we were born and raised?”

Vandali e furti nel centro storico di Palermo, lo sfogo di un residente: «L’unica soluzione sembra andare via»

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