Valderice provokes pitbull against police, attempts to attack them with a large kitchen knife: arrested

A 25-year-old man from Bonagia, a village in Valderice, was arrested for inciting his pitbull dog against the Carabinieri and attempting to strike the officers with a large kitchen knife. The man, who was already under the restrictions of house arrest and a curfew at night, was found outside his house during a routine check by the Carabinieri from the Valderice station. A folding knife was seized from the man’s pocket. When the officers searched his house, he became aggressive towards them. First, he unleashed and incited his Pitbull dog against them, and then he tried to attack them with the kitchen knife. The officers managed to disarm and immobilize him. He has been taken to Trapani prison on charges of attempted murder and carrying weapons or objects intended to harm.

Valderice, aizza il pitbull contro i carabinieri e tenta di colpirli con un grosso coltello da cucina: arrestato

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