University of Catania, competition announcement for technologists: requirements and application process

The University of Catania has published a public competition announcement for the recruitment of a second-level technologist, with a fixed-term employment relationship (duration 18 months) and full-time working hours. The position involves 36 average weekly hours in the quarter, providing technical and administrative support to the activities of the Pnc-Life Science Tto Network Project, part of the “Innovative Health Ecosystem” initiative of the Supplementary Plan to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The requirements for candidates include: Italian citizenship (equivalent to Italian citizens are citizens of EU Member States and their non-EU family members with residency rights, as well as third-country nationals with long-term residency permits or refugee status); legal age; physical fitness for the job; a Master’s degree in specific fields or equivalent qualifications. Professional qualifications related to the required role are also necessary, with documented work experience in public administrations, public entities, and private companies in areas relevant to the specific skills required for the position. Applicants from EU Member States and third countries must also meet certain civil and political rights requirements.

Applications must be submitted by May 30th via registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt or certified email (PEC) to the specified email address.

Università di Catania, bando di concorso per tecnologi: i requisiti, come presentare la domanda

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