Unicredit issues Palermo minibond of €6 million to finance Farmitalia

Farmitalia, a pharmaceutical industry excellence company, is financing its development plans through an innovative tool such as the issuance of a €6 million minibond. The operation will last for 5 years and was completed with the support of UniCredit, which fully subscribed to the bond loan.

The issuance of the €6 million Minibond is aimed at supporting the 2022-2029 Development Project, which includes the launch of 24 new products in the pharmaceutical market with major international partners.

Fabio Scaccia, the sole director of Farmitalia, commented on the company’s continuous growth and development in the pharmaceutical sector, moving beyond its core business of gynecology and obstetrics. The company is aiming to become one of the main players in the pharmaceutical sector in Italy and Europe.

Farmitalia was founded by Fabio Scaccia, a Sicilian entrepreneur, who started developing drugs and medical devices in the field of gynecology with a small group of collaborators. The company quickly grew and established a widespread network of informants throughout the national territory. In 2012, the company took on the current name of Farmitalia through the acquisition of a historic brand born in Milan in the 1930s. The company now focuses on women’s health in all stages of life but is also expanding its focus to include men’s health with innovative drugs in urology, andrology, diabetology, and neurology.

Palermo, minibond da 6 milioni di Unicredit per finanziare Farmitalia

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