Two women return to Canicattì supermarket a week after robbery, reported

They return to the same supermarket where a week earlier they had committed a theft and are discovered. It happened in Canicattì. At the beginning of May, two women had gone to the commercial establishment on via De Gasperi, stealing goods worth 300 euros, especially cheeses and cold cuts.

From the investigations, it emerged that both, a thirty-one-year-old and a twenty-two-year-old, both originally from Romania and residents of Canicattì, along with a 4-year-old child, last Friday went to the supermarket on via De Gasperi and thought they could go unnoticed. The two women were found wandering among the shelves and, once recognized by the employees, the police were alerted.

The Carabinieri arrived on via De Gasperi and identified the two women, reporting them to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Agrigento. At the beginning of May, the two women had been captured by the internal and external surveillance cameras and a complaint had been filed against unknown persons.

Canicattì, dopo una settimana tornano nel supermercato dove avevano rubato: denunciate due donne

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