Two oncologists replace their sick colleague in Sciacca

Two oncologists from the hospitals of Agrigento and Canicattì have been sent to the Giovanni Paolo II Hospital in Sciacca to replace the only oncologist who couldn’t work due to illness, resulting in the cancellation of 18 planned chemotherapy treatments and 15 outpatient visits. The urgent mobility service for healthcare workers to Sciacca was authorized by the local health commissioner Mario Zappia and coordinated with the regional Health Department. The two doctors will be in Sciacca for the next few days, and when the sick doctor returns, there will always be a second oncologist from the other hospitals. Regional parliamentarian Margherita La Rocca Ruvolo of Forza Italia called the situation “very serious” and “unacceptable,” while Michele Catanzaro of the Democratic Party called for the resignation of the Health Minister Giovanna Volo.

Sciacca, due oncologi sostituiscono il collega malato

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