Two nuns robbed outside the post office in Palermo: two arrested

The police arrested a 33-year-old and a 38-year-old who were caught by the Falcons of the mobile team after a brief chase in Filippo Corazza Street, Oreto area, and accused of robbing two nuns yesterday in Altofonte Street. The three, one of whom is still at large, robbed the nuns who had come out of the post office on corso Calatafimi where they had gone to withdraw over a thousand euros in cash. Once outside, they were attacked by the robbers who, after taking their bags, fled in a car. Someone managed to notice the make and license plate of the vehicle and alerted 112. The car, a Mini Cooper, was seen in Oreto Street. Six police cars blocked it and the two were arrested.

Palermo, rapinano due suore fuori dall’ufficio postale: arrestati in due

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