Two Nisseni boys detained in Romania, Luca Cammalleri’s brother asks for Giorgia Meloni’s intervention

The article talks about the confirmation of the conviction by the Romanian Court of Appeal of two young men from Caltanissetta, Filippo Mosca and Luca Cammalleri, for international drug trafficking. The brother of one of the convicted men, Pietro Cammalleri, is pleading for the intervention of the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to bring them back to Italy as they are struggling in prison in Romania. The article also mentions the emotional toll on the families of the convicted men and the poor conditions in the Romanian prison where they are held. The article concludes with the mention of an association working to transfer the men back to Italy to serve their sentence.

I due ragazzi nisseni detenuti in Romania, il fratello di Luca Cammalleri chiede l’intervento di Giorgia Meloni

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