Two motorists attacked on the street by four people in Santa Maria di Licodia for honking horn.

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In Santa Maria di Licodia, two people fell victim to a violent attack by four individuals, which occurred on the street following a simple dispute. The beating took place yesterday afternoon (June 24), with the two men who were friends waiting in their cars while two other vehicles were blocking the road. The occupants of the obstructing cars were reportedly talking amongst themselves, oblivious to the fact that they were causing a traffic jam. The honking of a car horn seemingly triggered the attackers, who exited their vehicles in a threatening manner and proceeded to physically assault the victims. After the violent confrontation, the aggressors fled the scene. The two injured individuals were taken to the hospital for treatment, with one being given a 7-day prognosis and the other 30 days. The police are currently searching for the four perpetrators based on witness testimonies and other investigative leads, and it is possible that they could be identified in the coming hours.

Santa Maria di Licodia, due automobilisti aggrediti in strada da quattro persone per aver suonato il clacson

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