Two men in Gela cell for death threats to wives

Ex-partner threatened with death and acid attack, men arrested in Gela

Some individuals have threatened their ex-partners with death by pointing a gun at their head and were prepared to disfigure their faces with acid. Others have continuously harassed their wives, threatening to set fire to their car and apartment where the women lived with their young children. This is what the officers of the Gela police station discovered, leading to the arrest of two men aged 30 and 40, following a court order. The younger of the two is accused of abuse, illegal possession of a firearm, aggravated theft of his partner’s cell phone, and physical assault. The 40-year-old man is accused of stalking and making the life of his ex-partner a living hell. He repeatedly threatened and harassed her, causing her severe and enduring anxiety.

Minacce di morte alle mogli, due uomini in cella a Gela

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